Gilson 1601 ELSD detector

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Gilson 1601 ELSD hplc detector is not dependent on UV absorbance and can detect compounds or impurities even if they do not contain chromophores, making it an ideal complementary detector to a UV-based purification system. With the use of Conditional Logic Fraction Collection in TRILUTION LC and GLIDER Software, the ELSD can ensure pure fractions by detecting and separating impurities that are not seen by other detection methods.

Instrument features:

  • Detection of analytes with / without chromophore groups that are less volatile than the eluent
  • Compatibility with gradient hplc system
  • Compatible with most LC solvents whatever their absorption characteristics
  • Temperature Range – Ambient to 100°C
  • Provide a very stable baseline that improves the fraction collection triggering
  • Low-temperature evaporation allows detection of semi-volatile or thermally labile compounds
  • Front panel control or computer control via Serial port

Trilution LC control software (optional).

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