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Science, research, biotechnology and production – these are the areas we can work together!
Our products and solutions will save your time and improve your work efficiency.
Our specialization is hplc, gpc, spe and other analytical methods, chromatography columns and parts.
We are open to all aspects of cooperation with our customers, suppliers and partners.
It is important for us that our cooperation benefits your needs.


Supply chain delays shouldn’t keep you from having your crucial lab supplies in stock. At our company stock, we will work with you and a variety of suppliers to ensure we’ve got columns, pipettes, tips, vials, spe cartridges, syringe filters and else. So you can focus on the work that matters.

Our strength: HPLC columns - find and compare more than 140,000 columns

The most popular products is HPLC columns.

We offer different brands with selection of more than 140,000 HPLC columns from over 40 manufacturers such as Agilent (include Varian), Chiral Technologies, Grace, Hamilton, Kromasil, Macherey-Nagel, Maisch GmbH, Merck, Shodex, Thermo Scientific, Waters, YMC and many more. As a cost-effective equivalent alternative, we also offer our own brand NSpher. To help you find the right column for your needs, we have developed a selection guide for HPLC columns. This allows you to filter your selection by materials, manufacturers, length, particle size, etc. Should you still not find the right HPLC column for your needs, just contact us.

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