Repair facility

All our company’s laboratory and hplc instruments come with a one-year warranty, which includes spare parts and labor compensation in case of problems. You can extend the warranty coverage for up to three years to ensure optimal instrument performance and plan future investments in your instrument. If you need a more comprehensive plan, the Extended Warranty includes spare parts and labor costs, as well as annual preventive maintenance to ensure maximum device performance and uptime.

The service plan will help minimize disruptions and optimize performance in laboratories with equipment from several manufacturers. You get comprehensive coverage for the repair and maintenance of devices within a single convenient plan. Our service specialists provide comprehensive repairs, maintenance and compliance support that you need.

Our service provides qualified remote assistance in troubleshooting, maintenance or application problems, and also helps your service technician prepare for on-site departure.

If you have outdated hplc systems, our extended service plan will provide diagnostic, repair, maintenance and training services with consistent quality. Our engineers use the latest tools and procedures and, of course, original spare parts / OEM parts.

Discontinued models of Gilson instruments:

Hplc pumps: 302, 303, 307, 308;

UV detectors fixed wavelength: 111, 112;

UV detectors variable wavelength: 115, 116, 117;

UV/VIS detectors variable wavelength: 118, 119, 151, 152, 155, 156, 157, 159;

Fluorescence detectors: 121, 122;

Refractive index detectors: 131, 132, 133.

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